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Federal Employee Benefits Onsite Seminars:

(Currently only available in Texas)


Now that there are fewer resources available to you through your Human Resources, we hear from so many individuals that they have no idea what to expect when they retire. 


Most common questions we recieve are:

  •   How much money will I get when I retire? Will it be enough?
  •   What can I expect my High 3 to be at retirement?
  •   Should I buy back my active duty military time? 
  •   Why should I invest in TSP?
  •   What funds should I invest in? Will I receive Social Security?                          
  •   Am I investing enough in my Thrift Savings Plan?
  •   Why is my Group Life Insurance Premium Increasing?
  •   What is the Survival Spouse Benefit (SSB) and how much will it cost me?
  •   What options do I have with my TSP when I am 59 ½ or older? (employed or retired)?


As a manager you may not know any of these answers but still want to make sure your staff has the resources available to them to get answers.  We can help by offering an array of seminars to meet any organizations needs and time constraints. 

Our most popular seminars only last 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Many participants feel the all day couse (7-8 hours) has too much information and the class was too large to feel comfortable to ask questions . 

Our approach at Federal Employee Benefits is to offer smaller class settings on site without taking too much operation time from your busy schedules.  We can also provide our short classes as a Lunch and Learn.  You decide when it is most convenient for your staff and feel like you provided information to them when resourses are so limited. 

Remember there is no cost to the organization for any of Federal Employee Benefits seminars.  No class size limits requirements. We can also create a custom seminar for your specific organizational needs.


Here are a list of our seminars:

1 to 1 ½ Hour Seminars:

  • CSRS Pension / CSRS Offset Pension / Social Security / TSP/FEGLI / Long Term Care
  • FERS Pension / Social Security / TSP / FEGLI / Long Term Care
  • Combination CSRS / FERS/ for those smaller departments.
  • Thrift Savings Plan (Loans, Withdrawals, Annuities, Fund Allocations, Fund description)

 Full Day Seminars:  (more detailed than 1 hour seminars)

  • CSRS Pension / CSRS Offset Pension / Social Security / TSP/FEGLI / Long Term Care
  • FERS Pension / Social Security / TSP / FEGLI / Long Term Care
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