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FEGLI:  Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

FEGLI:  Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance provides a life insurance policy to federal employees and their families as a Group Benefit.  FEGLI does not require an examination, and premiums are collected bi-weekly from payroll deduction (note: premiums can increase dramatically over time depending on the FEGLI option selected at time of initial hiring or during open enrollment.

Basic Option:

  • adjusts annually when your salary changes
  •  provide a tax free single payment to your beneficiary choice
  • appears on your LES under your deduction section as “FEGLI”

Options A, B & C: 

  • provide individuals with options that augment their own existing life insurance policy
  • Option A: provides up to $10,000 coverage
  • Option B: provides up to 5X individual salary (note: once you reduce or eliminate this option, the insurance company keeps 100% of the premium you have paid into the program)
  • Option C:  Family Insurance that provides up to 5 units for spouse and children, similar to Option B as it increases dramatically and premiums are forfeited when cancelled

Federal Employee Testimonial

John worked for 10 ½ years and was part of a group insurance policy offering 5X salary option.  When John left his job for better opportunities he found out he could not continue his life insurance coverage.  After starting a new job, John’s employer didn’t offer ANY life insurance, and John found that when he went and shopped for similar coverage the cost was based on his age and current health.  Since John was now 10+ years older and not as in good physical condition as when he originally applied for group coverage, the costs were quite high in comparison.  John wished he had personal coverage outside from the beginning.


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